Are you an Employer? Take a Note

All employers will need to adopt new Payday reporting when it becomes mandatory on 01 April 2019.

How payday filing works

Payday filing is an online option for submitting your employment information to IRD.

You’ll need to submit an electronic Employment information schedule after every payday, this replaces an IR348.

The filing date of IR345 and the due date for the payment of PAYE do not change. For example, if you pay PAYE on the 20th of the month, it will stay the same.

The New Payday reports will need to be filed online via:

  • direct from your payroll software
  • by file upload in myIR, and
  • on-screen in myIR.

The IRD stated that they will make an exclusion for some employers who do not have means to file online and, by special application, paper based filing will still be available.

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